Friday, February 3, 2012

[REVIEW] Sincerely, Maeko


(First off, this is not a sponsored post at all. I was not paid to do this in any way or form! I used my own money to purchase the items ^^)
So on Wednesday (January 25th) it felt like it was Christmas LOL.

I had placed an order with SincerelyMaeko ( with a couple of friends after finding out about her through anzfalcon. We ordered 13 bows total (HAHAHA) and it makes me wonder if Cat (the owner) thought I was crazy ^^" For myself though, I only ordered 4 bows while my friends had 3 bows each. You should have seen me when I saw the package. I was giggling all the way to my room with the package.
Cat's bows are well made, and each bow came with an alligator clip! I had several questions regarding my order, and Cat answered my questions ASAP! I mean, I can't really say anything else except I would definitely order from her again. Her bows are well priced, and well worth the money (and a steal if you have a coupon code!) My friends love the bows that they ordered, and they would definitely order again.

To be honest, when I got the package, I was expected everything to be in a yellow flat envelope or some mailing bag but this was what I came home to


This totally caught me off guard! LOL. And within the box was a sweet letter from the maker herself ^^

Cat definitely packaged everything with love and care *Q* She had sent some extra goodies, like the photo frame calender below and a mini notebook (not pictured)

Now onto the bows! The following pictures are of all 13 bows me and my friends ordered ^^




Now, for the next set of pictures are of the bows that I ordered. I tried to edit these pictures to show the true colors of the bow! O:

(Secret Garden Bow)


(Fresh Mint Bow)

(Picnic Bow)
(Black Cat Bow)

Even though the bow came with alligator clips, it didn't stay in hair that well. But that's because I have thin-normal hair so I opted to take off the clips and slipped a headband through the bows ^^ But, the alligator clips come in handy when I want to wear the bows when I have a bun or something :D

In conclusion, I would definitely order from Sincerely Maeko again!