Saturday, March 12, 2016

[Buyee Haul Part 3] Ank Rouge Haul

Welcome to Part 3 of the Buyee Haul Series! 
So I've been obsessing over Ank Rouge for a couple of months and I am hooked. Ank Rouge is different from Liz Lisa as they don't focus on different floral prints, but instead more of novelty prints. I've been watching the brand evolve their style for the past couple of years and it's really cool how the style back then was more pastel girly, but now it's darker and more novelty (?) like? I'm really bad at explaining things, but I definitely see this growth in a positive manner!

I thought this was a good time to experiment with the brand/style so here we go!
For Ank Rouge items, I bought a total of 2 dresses, 1 blouse, 1 jumpskirt and 1 skirt. I also decided to throw in a INGNI blouse I got since it didn't really fit anywhere else~

This dress was from Ank Rouge's 2014 Fall/Winter collection and I think it's a good way for me to ease into the brand. I don't think the pictures capture the true color of the dress, but it's this steel-gray/blue and it's a really beautiful color in person. The dress is made up of satin material so it also gives off this metallic sheen and I just adore it. The peter pan color is also always a plus in my book! 

I couldn't find the name of this dress, nor a stock picture but I swore I found it before! :c Anyways, this dress is made out of this suede-like heavier material so it's definitely meant for the Fall/Winter. I love the peter pan collar on this dress because of the lace detailing. The waist line on this is adorable too because the ruffles make it look it's a two piece when it's actually not~

2014, the year of mermaid patterned releases! I fell in love with the print immediately. It gives off such an elegant-girly feel and the fabric is perfect for summer! Ank Rouge calls this a jumpskirt, and I can see why. The cut of this dress allows you to wear to a blouse underneath without an issue, but I had intentions of wearing this as a dress. It's a bit too big around the bust because of that so I'm still debating if I want to take it in or not :c

Also couldn't find what year this was released, but this will definitely become a staple item for me in both my Ank Rouge wardrobe and Liz Lisa wardrobe. I'm sure you can tell by now that I have a thing for peter pan collars haha. The bow is removable so it adds versatility to the item. 

Released in 2015 for Spring/Summer is this Moon print skirt! I have a terrible obsession with moons so when I saw this skirt, I needed it very badly. Ank Rouge skirts have a tighter waist band compared to the new Liz Lisa skirts so beware. I honestly don't know how else to describe this skirt, other than it has moons and you should get it if you can LOL

The last item here isn't an Ank Rouge item, it's an INGNI blouse. Got this on the whim since the starting bid was low, but I kinda regret it. After closer inspection, the blouse was a well loved item and not something I would have purchased if I saw it in person. Taught me a lesson on being careful haha. Nonetheless, when I wear it you can't even tell, so it wasn't a total fail!

This obviously doesn't mean I deviating from Liz Lisa forever. I want to expand my wardrobe and have the ability to mix and match styles as I like, and I think Ank Rouge is a great start for that :)

I also made a video of this haul so if you want to see the items in action, check out my video! ^^

Thank you for reading and stay tuned to the last part of this series, which will be about my Disney Store Japan Rakuten order!

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