Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hello Everyone!

Hello everyone! This is my second blogging attempt here on blogger
My first blog was “” (now deactivated). The reasons why I deactivated that blog was because I wanted a fresh start, hence here I am ^^ I have made it my new years resolution to restart blogging again on blogger so, I will not leave anyone hanging on updates (unless for personal reasons which I will state).

A little about my blog:
This will blog will mostly be beauty/skin care reviews (maybe some ootd the posts). I have accumulated a lot of products as the years went by and I thought it would be fun to review them and give my 2 cents on these products . In no way am I a professional (just a mere college student ^^; ) and everyones skin reacts differently to different products. So keep in mind what might work for me, might not work for you.

Now that this introduction post is done, a review will be coming shortly!


  1. Hi there! Stumbled upon your blog, I have to say your header is adorable! Anyhow, anticipating future posts!

    1. Hi! :D Haha my photoshop skills are a bit rusty but thank you! ^^
      I will be posting my first review this weekend so hang tight ♥

      P.S. Your comment made my day ^^