Saturday, January 21, 2012

[REVIEW] Revlon Lip Butter + Swatches!

Today I'm reviewing the famous Revlon Lip Butters that have taken over the blogosphere

I actually got these right when they came out so I tested these for awhile now. The two colors I got were Cherry Tart and Tutti Frutti.

(Left-Right: Cherry Tart, Tutti Frutti)

As seen above, Cherry Tart is a red lip butter while Tutti Frutti is a coral orange one. When I first saw the display for these I was automatically drawn to Tutti Frutti because I have an obsession with Coral- Orange lipsticks!


(Left-Right: Cherry Tart, Tutti Frutti)

Tutti Frutti is a color more suited for Spring/Summer while Cherry Tart is more suited for the Fall/Winter. That's why it looks like Cherry Tart has been used more often than Tutti Frutti~ Cherry Tart is a very wearable everyday red. It looks like it would suit all skin tones and it's definitely a good choice if you're scared to wear the bold red lip look (like me! Haha). The pigmentation between Cherry Tart and Tutti Frutti has a subtle difference. Cherry Tart is a tad bit more pigmented than Tutti Fruitti because Cherry Tart is darker than Tutti Frutti. What I like about Cherry Tart is that even after the color fades, it leaves a tint on my lips like a lip tint! ^^

Also! You can't tell from the swatches or the pictures above, but Cherry Tart has shimmer in it, but once it is on the lips you can't tell at all.

I did have a small problem with them being moisturizing. Since it's a lip butter, I thought it would be good just to have this on and my lip would be fine but I was wrong. I still needed my lip balm under and I also had to exfoliate my lips before wearing these because they settle into the dry patches on my lips (but then what kind of lip product wouldn't? ^^) So, would I repurchase this? I probably would if they were on sale but I wouldn't call these my HG lip items.

Now onto the swatches!


(Left-Right: Cherry Tart, Tutti Frutti)

Lip swatches:


Bare Lips


Tutti Frutti (1 Layer)


Tutti Frutti (2 Layers)


Cherry Tart (1 Layer)


Cherry Tart (2 Layers)

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