Wednesday, April 11, 2012

[REVIEW] H2O Marine Daily Hydrator

So I bought this moisturizer during the Winter time because my oily face becomes oily/combination with random dry patches. I paid $5 at Marshalls, but I did see this at TJ Maxx as well. On the website it retails for $22.

Now, I bought this moisturizer because I needed something heavier for the winter to keep my random dry patches in tact and it did the job for the price I paid for.

Here is the back of the bottle for those who are interested in the ingredients:

The moisturizer comes in a squeeze bottle so it's definitely hygienic compared to the bottles where you have to dip your finger in. Personally, I don't mind if I did have to dip my finger.


The consistency of the moisturizer is like a thicker form of a moisturizer but not thick enough for it to be a lotion. Honestly, even though the product did the job, it felt like the lotion was sitting on my face and not actually hydrating my skin. I really do not like that feeling and it's one of the many reason why I don't like using lotions (gasp! I know) I would never use this during the spring or summer time because of the fact that the product sits on top of my face, oil will build up and it would not be a pretty sight.

All in all, I felt the price I paid was alright. The product itself is mediocre, but only because I have oily skin. I think those with dry skin would love this product. I only justified this purchase because it only cost me $5, but I would never buy this at retail price of $22. Not worth it at retail price.

Would I repurchase? Probably not, I have found a better moisturizer since the last time I used this.


  1. Too bad it didn't work out so well for you. I've only tried 1 product from H20 - their green tea moisturizer, and it caused me to have an allergic reaction ><

    1. eek! That sounds bad :\
      I never really bothered to H2O products till I saw this, but after my experience with this moisturizer it's gonna be hard to attempt at another product.