Wednesday, October 3, 2012


[It's currently 12:49 AM (EST) as I am typing this but I am back!]

So in August, I actually visited New York City with my close friends for my 19th birthday, and on my places to shop/visit was INGLOT! Sadly, I was only able to go the INGLOT inside Macy's Herald Square (I know sucky) but I we were on a tight schedule so that was my option. Funny thing was that I only purchased one shadow in person and it was 47 AMC SHINE. The rest I had ordered online when I found out INGLOT was having a 20% off sale on their pan shadows so I made up my haul online haha!

So enough of my babbling and onto my review!


This is how the packaging looks like when you buy it offline/online and how it looks like out of packaging. I have a UNII palette and the shadows stick right onto the magnet with no problem!

On the back of the pan has the number + finish type of the shadow. It seems like the older versions of the eyeshadows are labeled with tape while the newer shadows have the information imprinted right onto the pan.

And this is how everything looks like in pan (featuring two of my Missha eyeshadows haha)!

In total I bought 6 eyeshadows, 1 in store, the other 5 online!

And here are the swatches from the top row. I honestly don't know how these shadows perform without primer because I need to use primer for my eyes no matter what.

391 Matte - I've honestly been using this everyday to set my eyeliner and it has helped prolong my eyeliner for an extra 1-2 hours depending on how humid the days been. It is slightly chalky in pan, but there isn't any fallout when I apply it on my eye! ^^

47 AMC Shine - This was the color I bought in store! It's such a pretty color but this color is actually out of my comfort zone haha. I'm definitely a brown/bronze/gold eyeshadows girl so buying this color is a big step for me! I haven't actually worn this out of the house, but when I played with it there is no fallout (plus!) and the pigmentation is good with primer! :D

453 Pearl - A simple pearly white color! A staple must for every makeup kit. I was actually using NYX shadows that was similar to this color (forgot that name) but that shattered when I was brought it with me to Disney World 3 years ago (yeah, it's been long) and since then I've been using various shimmery white liners instead. But anyways! I've been using this everyday and I love it. It looks a lot more natural than using white shimmery liners, AND you can double it as a brow high-lighter! :D

Now onto the bottom row! ^^

329 Matte - I wanted a really dark brown color because the Naked Palette didn't have one that suited my preference. As you can see, with primer this shadows is darrrk! I love how you use this color to create a "natural" smokey eye without looking over done ^^ But, like the 391 Matte, this gets chalky also but no fallout.

11 AMC Shine - This shadow was actually the only one that disappointed. Even with primer, it's not as pigmented as it looks like in the pan. This actually reminds me of a sheerer version of Urban Decay's Half Baked (which is one of my most favorite shadows) so I guess if you want a sheered version of Half Baked, you would love this!

393 Pearl - Yes, another inner corner/high-lighting color! I wanted a peachy version because sometimes a pearly white can just be too much for certain looks. A peachy version looks more toned down and natural ^^ Works just like 493 Pearl and I have no complaints!

I hope everyone enjoys their day! I have a massive skincare/makeup haul post coming soon. I'm waiting for my cousin to bring my stuff over so look out for that post ♥


  1. i love how they print the name onto the pan! you also really picked good shades because they are beautiful!

    1. (Sorry for the late reply!) Right? It looks so much sleeker compared to the sticker (which is pretty tacky and gets dirtier easier). And thank you! I tried to stay neutral and simple ^^

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  3. love the eyeshadows :D

    followed you xoxo