Saturday, February 27, 2016

[Buyee Haul Part 1] - Buyee Review

So I’ve decided to start-up my blog again. A lot of things have changed since my last blog post, but I realized to me, certain content is better in a written form versus in a video form. I hope guys will follow me through this journey as a content creator!

Before I start my review on my massive order from I want to give a brief intro on what Buyee is. Buyee is sister site to Tenso, which should sound familiar to you if you order from Tokyo Kawaii Life for Liz Lisa. Buyee offers shopping services to Yahoo! Auctions, Rakuten, Amazon Japan, and other various online stores. I specifically used Buyee for Yahoo! Auctions and Rakuten for my massive order.

So around early January, Buyee had sent out a coupon for Tenso users as a thank you for signing on Buyee. The coupon was a free international shipping coupon that was worth up to 10,000 yen. The moment I got the coupon I knew it was time for the shopaholic in me to run free.

I’ve never ordered from Y! Auctions until now because the service fees from any shopping service never made the purchase worth the time and effort. But with the coupon in hand I put aside my biases and went wild. Luckily, Buyee allows you bid on items in real-time and allows sniper bids, which makes the entire process easier. I also ordered through Rakuten on Buyee’s interface, which was all right but slightly confusing because you couldn’t search by stores.

You can pay for your items in two ways, link your PayPal account or link your credit card. I ended up linking my PayPal because it's just easier for me. For bidding on items on Y! Auctions, Buyee won't charge your PP/card until you win the auction. The moment you win, they'll deduct the winning amount + Fees. Buyee will foot the domestic shipping fees for you first and then when it comes to ship all your items you'll pay domestic shipping fees + international shipping fees together.

For buying items on Rakuten, you'll authorize a payment with your PayPal and when you receive an e-mail confirming that Buyee has successfully purchased your items, that is when your account will charged. Similar to Y! Auctions you'll pay for domestic and international shipping fees together ^^.

First off, Y! Auctions fees add up really quick. The fees are as follows:
Item + 200Yen Bank Transfer + 150yen OR 5% of the item you won if it’s over 3,000yen
At minimum you’ll be tacking on 350yen to each of your successful bids.

Fees for Rakuten as of 2016 is any amount less than 3,000 yen is 150 yen and anything over 3,000 yen is free.


Everything was packed really nice, plain and simple. For size reference, I compared the box to my 50cm Alpacasso and as you can see, it was the same height
(Excuse my room)
They managed to fit all 19 of my orders in here and added a lot air packets (?) for the empty space. I didn't add the protective packaging option so the extra padding was a nice touch. Honestly, if you’re not ordering fragile items I don’t see a point in protective packaging but that’s just me. For some reason they used fragile tape on my box but I only ordered clothes, shoes and tsum tsums LOL
For fun, I decided to see if I could fit in the box and I did . . . but then I'm only 5ft tall LOL
As you guys can see, I'm actually Rilakkuma in real life, and my style is fab (just kidding)

I used Buyee’s consolidation services because I wanted to use the free international coupon to its’ maximum potential. Consolidation costs 500yen for two packages, and 1000yen for 3+packages. I ended up consolidating 19 packages (yes, even I think I went overboard LOL). I was worried that when consolidating my packages, Buyee would include the original shipping packages of my items, but thankfully that didn’t happen.

The total weight of my giant box was 8400grams (~18.5lbs). I wasn’t there when my package was delivered but I’m 100% positive my mailman hated me haha. But I love my neighborhood post office, they’re always on top of their job and I’m grateful that I’m one of the lucky ones to have such an awesome post office. Because my package was 8400grams and I wanted to ship it by EMS, I ended up paying additional monies because I can’t control myself.

Overall, it’s really hard to calculate how much your total shipping would be because you can't calculate the domestic shipping fee. Some times the seller will list how much the domestic shipping will be on the listing and other times it’s a free for all. From what I’ve realized, dresses usually cost 700yen to ship while blouses/skirts are 500yen but unless the seller states how much shipping will be just be prepared to set aside at least 1000yen. Buyee will pay for the domestic shipping for you and when it comes time to pay for international shipping, you’ll pay both at the same time.
There’s not much to say about international shipping other than that you a choice between EMS, SAL, AIR, Seamail and UPS.

Because of the amount of items I ordered, the size of my package, and the amount I spent, I was really afraid I would get hit by U.S. customs but I didn’t –knocks on wood-. So yay~

My overall experience with Buyee has been really positive. The fees do add up, but I guess you have to pay more for convenience. I’ll definitely use Buyee again, but in moderation (unless they send another coupon my way which I’m down for ;D)

Here's a preview to part 2, which is when I’ll actually show you the pretty stuff I got ^^


  1. Hi , Thank you for the review. I have tried out buyee but i seriously dont recommend using them . They are really shady and scammer. I ask them for consolidation on the 3rd of June and they even get my money saying the consolidation of package was done. I could not found the consolidation parcel at all, so i ask them again on 5 th June. Today, they reply me saying the parcel was throw away because it last over 90 days. They did not even send me email before saying its last over 90 days and its throw away during consolidation. I am so mad about how they treat a customer as they took my money and send me email saying the consolidation was complete, but now just told me they throw it away during consolidation. Inside the parcel was all expensive bottle of cognac and i highly suggested they ' throw it away' with reason. Its not the first time they treat my bottle like this. I once send a parcel to hong kong, and before it even reach hong kong, its already broken and the Hong Kong airport need to use extra plastic bag . Hong Kong post office told me that their staff in airport realise the bottle was damaged before it is delivered , so thats why they using extra plastic bag for the whole parcel. for that parcel , i paid extra money for the safety package and i ask them what will they do about the damaged parcel . They ignore my message and did not even refund me . I am so furious about this agent and I send them email again and even attached the damaged report from hong kong post office to them and make sure a copy were send to japan post office. They finally replied me and say the refund is complete. I checked my account for two weeks and i ask them why there is no refund yet. They said it was complete and afterward send me another email saying the refund system was in error and ask me to wait. Now, i still havnt received the refund and its been 1 month. I highly recommend people should not use buyee. They use a lot of excuse and dont act as a responsible agent auction company. Seriously, DONT USE BUYEE ! I have already tried it out how terrible they are , people dont need to try out how terrible they are.

    1. Hi! I'm sorry you had the opposite experience as I did with Buyee. I fortunately had a wonderful experience with them (and I'm not at all affiliated or sponsored by the AT ALL) and many others that I know had the same experience as I did as well. I've done my research and it seems that Buyee is VERY strict with their 90-day hold policy so in my situation I made sure ALL my items did not meet that threshold. I also didn't order anything fragile so my experience might have been different compared to yours with the cognac.
      But thank you for your warning! There's always two sides to a coin and I'm luckily on the positive side.


    This company CUSTOMER SERVICE IS A DISSERVICE to online shopping… Their high priority is company profits irregardless of customer’s satisfaction and benefits…They hide behind company policy that will leave you paying more than you expected, more than the regular shipping fees plus extra…BEWARE!!! it’s a TRAP!!! EXORBITANT SHIPPING RATES!!! I already complain to Yahoo auction why they allow BUYEE to become a partner, when it got shocking BAD REVIEWS? Another lesson, research reviews before using any sites…

  3. hi how much did you pay for the domestic shipping w/ your 19 items included in your package?

  4. They swapped my item with someone else's so I didnt ended getting my item. They just blamed the seller had sent them a wrong item denied they had messed up. I lost over 20000 yen.

  5. In buyee, during consolidation, the days are not counted in their warehouse. Buyee is ok, philippine customs is not ok. No big package(bigger than a shoebox) will reach your address directly. You have to claim it at customs. EMS in the philippines are stupid. There is one thing i don't like with buyee, the invoices are sometimes in japanese. And paypal too, there's no english description of what was paid in buyee.

  6. They are an unscrupulous company. Avoid like the plague. They have charged me twice at nearly £120 and I have customs bill of £30 for a piece of plastic that hasn't arrived yet after 10 days when I paid extra for 2-4 day delivery.
    They claim delays aren't there problem and don't refund under any circumstance including you not receiving what you ordered.
    I have paypal investigating but if they don't help I will do a Bank Chargeback.

    Do not trust this company with your details as I have even asked them to delete my account and they have refused.

    Please under no circumstance trust this company.