Sunday, January 20, 2013

[REVIEW/SWATCHES] Urban Decay Naked Basics

Before I start off my first review of the New Year, I hope everyone is having a wonderful year so far!

So yes, I did jump on the Urban Decay Naked bandwagon! I actually was not planning on getting the Basics palette at all. I was content with my INGLOT palette and my Naked 1 palette but let's just say I got caught up with the Sephora BI Gift card and Wrapp frenzy that I was able to get it at steal price.

Well let's get on with the review!

The Urban Decay Naked Basics runs for $27 and houses 6 full-sized eyeshadows (0.05oz each).A regular Urban Decay single eyeshadow costs $18 each so if you do the math 18 x 6 = $108. So like this baby's older siblings it's cheaper buy it as a palette versus as single shadows ^^

I was so surprised as to how small this palette was when I got it in the mail. Because this palette comes with no extra goodie [ie. travel-sized primer potion, another zero eyeliner, etc] I guess Urban was able to downsize the packaging by a lot. I made a comparison of how small that palette is by putting it next to my Samsung Galaxy S2. I have compared it to my dad's iPhone 4 and the palette is slightly wider than the iPhone and about the same height. Which makes this palette perfect for travel and on the go touch ups!

I honestly have no idea why Urban is marketing this product as an all matte palette because one of the shades, Venus, has a satin finish instead of a the marketed "matte" finish. But I'm not complaining because I love using Venus for my inner tear duct area! ^^ I don't know if you can tell, but I've used Crave and Faint the most! Lately I've been getting lazy with using my normal black liquid eyeliner so I've just been using Faint for all over my eyelid and then lining my eyes with Crave! It looks less harsh than my normal black eyeliner and more natural.

It was so hard to get W.O.S and Foxy to show up on my hand, but trust me, they show up on your eyes. 
  • Venus - A champagne colored eyeshadow with a satin finish. The only eyeshadow in this palette that's not matte. When on my eyes, it shows up almost white but with a pink undertone.
  • Foxy - A yellow based matte peach color.
  • W.O.S - A pink (flesh tone for me) matte color.
  • Naked 2 - A light brown with slight pink undertones.
  • Faint - A medium brown 
  • Crave - A dark brown with green undertones
For the most part I did enjoy this palette [and especially for the price I paid for]. But I definitely enjoyed the darker half of this palette way more than the lighter half with the exception of Venus. The quality of the eyeshadows are buttery smooth like all Urban shadows. I have been carrying this around with me if I wanted to do touch ups and the mirror provided is nicely sized! The only problem I had with this palette is that there was some fallout. The eyeshadows become powdery when I dip my brush in the pan [which is a problem with most matte shadows] but I don't find them chalky at all. 

 Is this palette necessary? Not at all, unless you're an avid fan of the Urban decay's Naked collection. You can probably find dupes of the colors in INGLOT's freedom system which will be cheaper than buying this palette :]


  1. I have to say I really like Foxy. It's great that you managed to get it for a steal!

    I've always found Urban Decay to be really expensive :/

    1. I'm not a fan of lighter colors in general unless I can use them under my eye/tear duct area T_T [I don't know how to make them work with my skin tone]
      But yes I agree, UD is quite pricy [especially when you're just a college student] and their shimmery shades are quite annoying when they cause fallout. I try to take advantage of UD, or just high end makeup brands in general when Sephora/UD has their annual friends & family sales ^^

      PS. Thank you for visiting my blog! ♥ I envy your Alpacasso collection so much. I recently just started collecting them and they're taking a major toll on my wallet </3